Psychometric Test

BRAIN INVENTION PSYCHOMETRIC Test measures an individual’s relevant and present state of strengths and weaknesses as a result of evolution. Every individual is born with Eight Multiple Intelligences. These Multiple Intelligences are their inborn strengths and weaknesses. Over a period of time, we acquire knowledge and skills from our surroundings and environment. We enhance certain intelligences based on our interests and some of our intelligences depreciate as a result of our disinterest and environment. Society, friends, community and family affect the thinking and choices of individuals. Psychometric test helps to discover and understand the present distribution of Multiple Intelligences.

Psychometric refers to the test of measuring an individual’s relevant and present state of strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric test is based on RIASEC Theory which helps understand whether one is Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising or Conventional. The test report is generated when individuals answer 80 objective questions based on their self-analysis and evolution and it covers:

• Eight Multiple Intelligences at their present stage
• Mackenzie’s Theory
• RIASEC Theory
• Career Options